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Edad: 24
Experiencia : 2 Años
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Trigonometría, Geometría, Aritmética, Álgebra, Álgebra lineal, SAT Math Test
Estructura de datos, Diseño y análisis de algoritmos, Redes informáticas, Aprendizaje automático
Educación secundaria, Bachillerato, Educación superior
Idioma de enseñanza: English, Spanish

Mis cualificaciones

My academic background includes a bachelor's degree in Electronics, Robotics, and Mechatronics at Seville’s University. During my studies, I gained experience in designing and implementing control systems, robotics, and automation systems. I have also developed skills in programming, including Python, Matlab, and C++ among others. As of now I am studying a master's in Applied AI at Luleå University of Technology, where I am enriching my expertise in topics related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and programming, being right now Python the language in which I am gaining the most knowledge. Ever since I started my studying journey I have had a huge interest for mathematics and physics, which helped me in my engineering bachelor's degree since we had more than 10 courses of maths and physics altogether. I am fluent in English, both in writing and speaking, and I am comfortable communicating with people from diverse backgrounds. I am a self-starter my social abilities are part of what I consider my top skills. Additionally, I have a keen eye for detail and can manage multiple tasks effectively.

Sobre mí

Hello! My name is Sergio and I will be very pleased to help you with anything that I can! I am a very outgoing and cheerful person and I believe that we can have a great time learning. Since I am an engineer, my way of thinking and learning relies in understanding the core of the problem, and from there looking for a solution rather than learning formulas that you will likely forget a few weeks after the course is over. I consider that learning how to solve problems using an inferential way of thinking rather than just finding a value that we don't understand is much more valuable and will help us go further in our personal development!


I had to retake my SATs to increase my scores, and Sergio's tutoring in mathematics helped master the things that used to be the absolute most difficult for me! His patience and ability to explain in multiple ways until something clicks is really unique and a fantastic quality to have as a tutor. Now I don't even need the calculator to solve problems I used to get completely stuck on.
2 jul’ 23

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