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Privacy Policy

Disclaimer: Despite careful control of the content, we assume no liability for the content of external links. The operators of the linked pages are solely responsible for their content.

Description of our website

Our website

NiceTutor is an online platform for collecting and distributing classified ads with the sole purpose of connecting teachers and students. niceTutor never intervenes in the transactions between teachers and students.

The advertisements published on the website are published by the teachers themselves and are sorted by subject and location.

Liability claims against niceTutor, which relate directly or indirectly to the transactions between teachers and students for the implementation of the offered private and individual lessons, are hereby excluded.

In its capacity as a simple advertiser, nniceTutor cannot guarantee payment for the services provided by the students or teachers, nor the truthfulness of the content of the advertisements, the qualifications of the teachers, their telephone number.

In order to become a member of niceTutor and take advantage of the services offered, both teachers and students must create a user account. Users agree to create only one profile on the site.

This profile can be edited and managed from a personal dashboard available to users. The profile can be deleted by the users themselves at any time via the dashboard or alternatively by our team on request by e-mail: info@nicetutor.co.uk.

The services offered by niceTutor are reserved for natural persons who are at least 18 years old and have legal capacity to conclude sales contracts. It is forbidden to misuse niceTutor for commercial purposes (poaching of teachers for own institutions / search services, advertising, spam etc.) or for purposes other than finding lessons. If there is no specific need for teaching (personal use or for another natural person), we reserve the right to remove users from our website in the event of repeated violations and to withhold any fees already collected as a contractual penalty. niceTutor also reminds its users that they are subject to the applicable provisions of labor and company law of the country and are obliged to:

Posting advertisements & arranging tuition

Teachers can place ads for private & one-on-one classes on niceTutor for free by following the website procedure. 1 teacher can only create 1 profile that can feature all the subjects he teaches and the languages he speaks.

Important: An advertisement must not contain incorrect, unfair or misleading information. The provision of contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address, website...) by the teacher is also prohibited. In the event of infringement, niceTutor reserves the right to remove the advertisement and to expel the teacher from the website.

Teachers agree to be fully transparent about their training and references. niceTutor takes no responsibility for any misinformation provided by the teacher. Despite careful verification of the quality and accuracy of the information contained in the advertisements, niceTutor cannot, under any circumstances, guarantee the truthfulness of the advertisements or the availability of the teachers. It is the student's responsibility to double-check the information provided in the teacher's notification.

Posting and distribution of ads are free for teachers.

The teacher's contact information is never sent to the student - except in the case where the teacher accepts a lesson request, thereby confirming that they wish to send their contact information to the student in order to communicate with the student *to get in touch and organize the first lesson.

All pages of the site are secured by HTTPS protocol and navigation between pages is encrypted. In addition, all information and data of the members are encrypted. After reviewing the advertisements, students can get in touch with the teachers they have chosen. They send a lesson request and a message to all or selected teachers that match their needs. These messages must not contain any contact information and must restrict contact to the niceTutor website, i.e. no telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, web addresses are allowed for enquiries. Messages containing any or all of this information will be automatically deleted and the student may be charged administrative fees with no guarantee of placement with the desired teacher. After a lesson request has been accepted, teachers and students can communicate with each other using the website's internal chat function.

Tuition Requests

In order to message tutors, students are asked to send an inquiry via the form on the platform. The matching service is free of charge for the student. The student only makes the payment after the class with the selected tutor has taken place. niceTutor reserves the right to adjust the tariff if necessary, of which users will be informed in good time and at a reasonable distance from the date of the change.

Payment for the lessons

Students and teachers can agree to make payments directly and negotiate privately. If the parties agree to have classes together, the tutor gives the first lesson free of charge. A commission of 1-class price will be charged from the teacher after the second lesson has been delivered. The tutor keeps 100% of the lesson tariff from the third lesson onwards.

The services of the NiceTutor website are reserved exclusively for persons of legal age who are legally able to conclude purchase and sale contracts in accordance with the applicable national law. The use of the service as a student on niceTutor is limited to natural persons and for their personal use. Legal entities or their employees may not use the service as a student to contact teachers. niceTutor reminds its users that they are subject to national regulations regarding labor and company law, as well as related payments and taxes.

Using the Dashboard

Once members are logged in, they can control their requests (students) and ads (teachers) from their dashboard on NiceTutor.

The dashboard allows students and teachers to independently manage their profile information as well as their views (create, delete, edit) and requests (send, receive). Teachers are encouraged to respond to all student inquiries in a timely manner (within 24 hours), otherwise their ads will be blocked until students receive a response.

NiceTutor reserves the right to contact teachers personally if they do not respond to requests for lessons, in order to seek a solution with them in the event of any ambiguity regarding the desired lessons.

NiceTutor reserves the right to filter messages and to contact the sender personally if they are spam or messages unrelated to the subject matter of the website. niceTutor reserves the right to store and delete electronic messages exchanged between students and teachers through the website.

It is strictly forbidden to send unsolicited emails with unsolicited commercial content (spam) to anyone contacted through NiceTutor.

NiceTutor reserves the right to make changes to the services offered by the site without students or teachers being able to claim any right to compensation.